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The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) Music education hub (MEH) will work with a partnership of local, regional and national providers, schools in the Borough, the Bridge organisation – A New Direction – and subject associations to deliver the National Plan for Music Education (NPME).

The MEH will seek to provide the highest quality opportunities for children and young people (CYP) in LBBD; it will advocate for the entitlement to an excellent music education for all to ensure the requirement for a broad and balanced education benefits all CYP.

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The LBBD Community Music Service (CMS) is the lead organisation of the LBBD Music Education Hub (MEH).

Just some of our key goals for CYP in Barking and Dagenham over the next three years include:

  • ensuring that all children, in particular those that are disadvantaged, those with disabilities and those with special educational needs, have:
    • a chance to learn to play a musical instrument during whole class tuition in their primary schools;
    • a genuine opportunity to continue to learn and take part in performances and ensembles;
    • a genuine opportunity to learn to sing to the highest standards, and take part in concerts and shows;
    • full access to musical progression routes right up to KS5;
  • developing and extending a range of community and family musical activities through a networked group of professional and voluntary Delivery Partners;
  • increasing the range of genres of music for young people to be involved in to include Asian, African, digital approaches, rock and pop and world music (and more according to need);
  • developing, in partnership with schools, academies and free schools, a fair and equitable charging process to mitigate against the possible loss of funding from the DSG awarded by the schools’ forum and to ensure that implementation of charging and fee remission policies ensure that instrumental and vocal tuition is available and affordable to all who wish to access it.