Our Vision

The LBBD’s MEH vision is to: ‘work in partnership with schools, academies and free schools and other settings to provide opportunities for every young person in the Borough to develop through music and to benefit from high quality musical experiences.’

The MEH aims to: ‘Inspire and enable all learners, including those who are disadvantaged, those with disabilities and those with special educational needs, to make music with others, to sing and to have the opportunity to progress to the highest levels if they wish to’.

The MEH will:

  • be ambitious for every child and young person;
  • be innovative in developing strategies to engage with the ‘hard to reach’ groups;
  • develop and extend its consultation processes with service users and others to ensure a high status and value for the ‘youth voice’;
  • demand and ensure excellent practice in line with Arts Council England’s (ACE) 7 quality principles in work for, by and with Children and Young People (view here);
  • be committed to partnership working;
  • respect and value MEH delivery partners as professionals.

The LBBD MEH is committed to promoting equality and reflecting the full diversity of the community it serves in all its activities and functions and believes that participation in music can promote the strength that lies in difference and the positive contribution that all forms of diversity make to the richness of community life and lifelong learning. These sentiments are integral to the working of the hub and key guiding principles in all strategic partnership work.