Instrumental hire and insurance

If instrumental lessons are offered, the pupil will be given an instrument allocation form. You will need to contact the Music Centre to book an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork, pay insurance and collect the relevant instrument.

All orchestral instruments are hired and insured for pupils at a charge to parents of £20 per annum (this excludes pianos, keyboards, guitars, bass guitars or percussion instruments). This covers the maintenance and replacement of the instrument. Parents are required to pay an excess fee of £35 (£10 for guitars) should the instrument be lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Your personal information
The CMS holds a secure database of parent/pupil information and only uses information necessary for providing a good service to you and necessary statistics for government funding. If your circumstances change, keep the Music Centre office up-to-date. This will ensure we keep you informed with the latest news and any changes in our service.

Assisted instrumental purchase
School aged children who attend a school in the borough and are taught by the CMS, are able to purchase an instrument through the CMS via the assisted instrumental purchase scheme (AIPS). It allows students to purchase instruments without having to pay the VAT. Contact the Music Centre for more details.