Whole Class Ensemble Tuition

The Whole Class Ensemble Tuition or WCET is an exciting programme that involves the whole class and is a music lesson which includes learning a musical instrument.

The Community Music Service provides instrumental teachers and instruments to schools who ‘buy in’ the WCET provision. The Community Music Service tutors work with the whole class using orchestral and/or percussion instruments in weekly lessons. Many schools and classes benefit from this opportunity to learn an instrument. This is the first access to a musical instrument for an increasing number of pupils. WCET lessons usually take place in Key Stage 2 with individual schools deciding whether the whole class programme lasts for one term, one year or two years. The orchestral instruments may be taken home for practice and brought to schools for the music activities/lessons. There may be a charge for instrument hire and insurance.

After at least one term of learning an instrument, all pupils are invited to join a borough ensemble that rehearses weekly. After the programme has ended the pupils have the opportunity to continue learning the instrument with the CMS tutors in smaller group lessons. These lessons can continue throughout Secondary School.