Music at Home

The show must go on‘ sang Queen, and so it shall…!

Due to school closures, the CMS will be providing a range of resources to support music-making both at home for those pupils still in school. Over the days and weeks ahead our staff will be adding material and links, please do check regularly.

Below are some examples of the continued music-making at the CMS, enjoy!


Watching the video of LBBD’s CMS virtual orchestra was simply inspirational for so many reasons. The talent of the performers was uplifting and the effort that the CMS staff have clearly put into ensuring a musical and cultural education continues for their young musicians is admirable. My compliments to all involved!!!!”

Jamie Bell

Head Teacher


Are you…

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Classroom Music

CMS Classroom Music Making Ideas

There are many existing resources available to the public – here are some:

A new online platform featuring articles, videos, tutorials, competitions and other resources that we hope will inspire teachers, students and parents to continue to engage with music in these challenging times

Body percussion ideas

An excellent resource to explore orchestral music.

Free resources from a well-known music publisher.

Great practice tools to support all musicians.

A great way to explore classical music

Plenty of ideas and free resources

Free songs and games