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The Community Music Service provides high quality and inclusive music education services and activities for all children and young people across the county.

In schools, we provide quality-assured music teachers for instrumental lessons, whole-class first access programmes, lunchtime and after school music activities, workshops, singing projects, and continuing professional development for teaching staff. We help schools to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils, their families, and the community.

Outside school, children and young people enjoy making music with us in bands, choirs, and orchestras at every stage of their musical development. 

We are also the lead organisation in the Barking & Dagenham Music Education Hub/Partnership, which means that we work with a group of partner organisations, schools, young people, and stakeholders from different sectors to develop high quality and inclusive music education within and outside schools, across the Borough.

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Partnership Document

The CMS seeks to establish strong partnerships across the music sector in its aim to provide musical opportunities to Children and Young People of Barking & Dagenham that are diverse, inclusive and motivational.

We welcome interest from external bodies that will attract inward investment towards the borough and seek to support and progress the pupils of the CMS in their musical aspirations.