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Programme 1 Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET)

WCET aims to ensure that every child between the ages of 5 – 18 is given the opportunity to play a musical instrument – a core requirement of the National Plan for Music Education.

In this exciting programme, children will learn an instrument together as a whole class. The Community Music Service (CMS) provides the instrumental teachers, all instruments and music resources needed. This is the first access to a musical instrument for an increasing number of pupils. There is a wide choice of instruments available, both orchestral and percussion, and in some settings where two CMS tutors are used two different instruments can be taught together. Instruments may be taken home by pupils to practise and after two terms of learning all students are invited to join a borough ensemble that rehearses weekly and performs throughout the year.

  • The programme is for teaching delivered between September 2021 – July 2022.
  • 1 class x 1 hour WCET.
  • One or two tutors for 35 weeks per annum, a range of orchestral and percussion instruments are offered. With two teachers there is the option of two different instruments being taught together, e.g., clarinets and trumpets.
  • Delivery, insurance and hire of all instruments (in the unlikely event of serious damage or loss of an instrument the school will be required to pay a £50 excess fee, providing this is more than the replacement value, if the instrument replacement value is lower the full amount is to be paid).
  • Invitation and membership of a beginner ensemble in summer term 2022.
  • All teaching resources and online pupil practice books provided by the CMS.
  • At least one performance per year for the school and parents/carers.
  • Whole school membership of Charanga.
  • Music Mark membership following completion of school self-evaluation form.
Programme 2 WCET Instrumental Continuation including core

After a year of learning as part of a whole class, pupils are encouraged to continue learning their instrument in small group lessons. Each school is provided one or two hours of core provision (depending on size of school). The cost of the lessons can be paid for by the school or the school may choose to pass the cost on to parents/carers.

Additional hours of provision can also be purchased.

All pupils are provided with a ‘continuation pack’ which includes a tutor book and hire and insurance of the instrument for a year.    

  • This programme runs for 35 weeks. 
  • All teaching provided by the CMS.
  • Lessons can be of 15, 20 or 30 minutes duration. 
  • A ‘continuation pack’ is payable separately by the family.
  • Membership of a CMS ensemble according to ability, including public performances and enhanced opportunities through partnerships with professional orchestras/institutions.
Programme 3 Extra Curricula Activities
  • 1 x 30, 45 or 60 minutes, lunch time or after school session for 35 weeks. Target learners: pupils, staff, family, intergenerational or age specific.
  • Tuition may include: school instrumental ensembles, musicianship, recorder, drumming, vocal work or choir, percussion, guitar, keyboard, composition/improvisation.
  • Hire of instruments is negotiable.
Programme 4 Classroom Curriculum Support

The CMS can also provide curriculum and vocal support in school settings.

Programme 5 Primary Support or Bespoke

A bespoke face to face consultancy is available to support in the delivery and management of high-quality music throughout the school. Consultancy options and support to include:

  • EYFS
  • Music Audit
  • Lesson observation and peer moderation
  • Preparing for an Ofsted deep dive – Intent, Implementation, and Impact.
  • Assistance with the development of Primary music technology and resources.
  • The CMS would be pleased to support any request for assistance with entering festivals, school productions, heritage projects or art awards.



Programme 1 Instrumental and Vocal Tuition Provision

CMS supports all KS2 Instrumental pupils through Transition and encourages them to continue learning through into KS3 and beyond. All CMS teachers are monitored regularly by their Line Manager.

Instruments offered

Woodwind – Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone

Brass -Trumpet/Cornet, French Horn, Baritone/Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba

Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

Voice – Vocal & Singing

Other – Piano, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drum Kit and Percussion


  • Targets are set for all students who are assessed termly with attainment documented.
  • CMS encourages all students to engage with one of our ensembles appropriate to their ability. Ensembles meet weekly and concerts are given each term.
  • CMS provides 2 Internal Exams at approx. Grade 1 and 2 Level; more advanced students are prepared for and encouraged to take external exams such as those provided by ABRSM and Trinity.
  • CMS provides regular performance opportunities at termly recital evenings and will assist students in preparing for school performances in concerts and assemblies etc.
  • Students are encouraged to continue learning beyond KS3. CMS teachers will choose suitable repertoire and prepare students taking GCSE and ‘A’ Level Music for the performance elements of the exams.
  • CMS works closely and in partnership with the LSO, Barbican & GSM&D and TRY Orchestra, providing opportunities for selected students to perform with other students from other East London Boroughs.
Programme 2 Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

Schools are allocated core provision hours according to pupil population. Additional hours can be purchased, discount for multiple hours purchased is given. The cost of the lessons can be paid for by the school or the school may choose to pass the cost on to parents/carers.

Students are taught in small groups and individually, dependent on instrument numbers and attainment. Lessons are of 15, 20 or 30 minutes duration.

15 mins – 1 student
20 mins – up to 3 students
30 mins – up to 6 students

Students are grouped according to the instrument they play and their level or ability. Students who reach grade 6 standard are allocated a 30 minute individual lesson.

Lessons will be taught on weekly rotas organised in conjunction with the teacher and the school. Lessons can be timetabled both during and after school to suit the students and the school.

Programme 3 Ensemble Tuition

CMS will provide bespoke onsite Ensemble Tuition on request. This could be in the form of weekly 30 minute rehearsals for a Wind Band, Brass Group, String Orchestra, Orchestra etc. Rehearsals will take place across 35 weeks per academic year. Repertoire will be sourced and arranged for the students at the school, and performance opportunities in school concerts can be included within the 35 weeks in collaboration with the teacher/ensemble leader.




CMS Programme charges September 2021 – July 2022
Programme 1

2 teachers £4120 per class per annum less 1/3 Music Education Hub subsidy (£2747)

1 teacher £2335 per class per annum less 1/3 Music Education Hub subsidy (£1557)

Programme 2 Core hours £37, additional hours £41, bulk purchase reductions see appendix 2
Programme 3

1 teacher 30 minute lesson £1103 per annum

1 teacher 45 minute lesson £1654 per annum

1 teacher 60 minute lesson £2205 per annum

Programme 4

1 teacher 30 minute lesson £1103 per annum

1 teacher 45 minute lesson £1654 per annum

1 teacher 60 minute lesson £2205 per annum

Programme 5 1 teacher £63 per hour
Discounted charges rates for additional hours purchased above core allocated hours.
Hours Charge (£) per hour
One 41
One – Two 39
Two – Three 37
Three – Four 35
Four – Five 30

Brochure and SLA Request form 2021-2022


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For further information relating to the SLA contact:

Deputy Head of CMS: digby.hunt@lbbd.gov.uk

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